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Stephanie TURPIN, LMT(MA83908)

(Certified CORE Myofascial Therapist, FMT Functional Movement Specialist, Certified Herbalist)

Having a lifelong fascination for the human body and mind has fueled Stephanie's career in manual therapy and continues to inspire her to heal. After spending over 7 years working alongside talented osteopath Fabrice Gautier in Los Angeles, CA, she brought her skills to the Tampa Bay area and started Celsus Integrative Therapy in 2016, while helping to establish and grow massage services at the Bryan Glazer Family JCC.

Always seeking to go above and beyond for her clients, she has developed her own style of manual therapy, inspired by diverse disciplines and approaches to bodywork. She strives to learn from and work with the best people in their fields to provide the best care for everyone trusting her with their bodies, and has established herself as a top soft tissue specialist in Tampa.

She also developed a passion for helping athletes perform and recover from injuries, and is especially fond of working with the youth who are critically underserved and routinely suffer from injuries that could have been prevented with proper care. Her work in LA allowed her to work with some of the world's best athletes, as well as travel the world with top tennis player Victoria Azarenka for 2 years while she recovered from diverse injuries. Her compassionate, personal approach to her work has led to Stephanie becoming a highly trusted and respected therapist among the best trainers, fitness, and medical professionals she has been privileged to work with. She strives to continue to build her reputation and meet the best healers and trainers in Tampa Bay.

Conditions treated:


-soft tissue injuries: sprains, strains, cramps, muscle fatigue, fascial restrictions, tendonitis

-frozen shoulder

-tension headaches



-prenatal issues: back pain, neck pain, edema, sciatica

-chronic pain

-plantar fasciitis

-sciatic pain

-joint pain

-recovery work from workouts/high intensity trainings

-recovery from surgery and injuries (including scar tissue release)

-range of motion restrictions...


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